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Film Masters Ltd

Scanning, data backup, film preservation, repair and full evaluation
The Masters are Graham Collett, Alan Penn, Marie Feldman and John Palmer.  This creates the ultimate team for a film archive digitisation. We have probably the best collection of knowledge and understanding of film than anybody in the country. This includes nitrate.

Xena 6.5k scanner

  • s8
  • 16mm
  • 35mm
  • standard 8mm .. Now here !!!
  • 9.5mm soon coming
  • 65/70mm ? anyone need it ? i'll make it
We can scan any version of the film formats shown on the left to any resolution dpx up to 6.5k and deliver in any required file type.
Our combination of a joint 100+years of industry experience,   make Film Masters the right choice.

Call us now on:
+44 2080585805