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updated 27/06/2022

Visible Sprockets Ltd is a film and colour consultant :
Mobile archive digitisation units now an option for people who cant release material overseas. Film archives are slowly realising that their assets are gradually decomposing. Many different kinds of film deteriorate in a variety of ways. Call if you need help.

We work closely with these companies:


I now have PTR's 1.5" and 3", 35mm and 70mm ..order here !

Laser Graphics

Arguably the best scanning systems. I have done some interesting tests

Light illusion

The ultimate calibration tools


I'll help you pick your way through the monitor minefield
I built a 6.5k scanner out of an Ursa

After meeting Rennie Johnson before covid, i was so impressed with his outlook and such a nice logical GUI

i decided to build a scanner with his tools and help. Its GREAT !!

Spirit repairs !

Sprockets will undertake any repairs, suite design, or just help you decide what you need to do.

We also offer a colour calibration service.


Visible Sprockets Limited provides consultancy services and equipement across the globe. We have a good supply of Spirit spares and some complete machines for sale

Call us now on:

+44 (0) 771 402 4507